September 22, 2021

Naruto: 10 Things Sakura Can Do That Ino Can’t

Konohagakure has acquired a plethora of powerful ninja from Naruto Uzumaki’s generation, and Sakura and Ino are two of the very best they have. Although Sakura’s start to her Naruto journey was quite average, training under one of the Legendary Sannin, Tsunade Senju, made her incredibly powerful and able to hold her own in battle.

Currently, Sakura Haruno stands as one of the strongest ninja in the entire world and one capable of becoming the Hokage. Her powers can hardly be matched by any other kunoichi, and she’s acquired some abilities that even her biggest rival, Ino Yamanaka, cannot perform.

10 She Can Create A Powerful Sleeping Gas

Often, it is believed that Sakura’s skill is confined to the realms of medical ninjutsu, which couldn’t be further from the truth. During her time training under Tsunade, Sakura managed to learn how to create a powerful sleeping gas. She made use of this ability against her very own teammates following the Five Kage Summit. The strength of the drug was such that Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, and Rock Lee were knocked out in an instant, showing the fans that she is quite a fearsome ninja indeed.

9 She Is Skilled With The Usage Of Poisons In Battle

Another lesser-known fact about Sakura is that she possesses impressive knowledge of poisons. Thanks to the guidance of Shizune, Sakura managed to learn how to make use of powerful poisons in battle. In her failed attempt to kill Sasuke Uchiha prior to the events of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sakura had coated her kunai with a powerful poison that would’ve killed almost anyone just by grazing them. Although it wouldn’t have worked on Sasuke due to the poison resistance he gained from Orochimaru, it’s still quite a useful tool to have in one’s arsenal.

8 She Can Come Up With Poison Antidotes Quickly

Being one of the most talented ninja in Konohagakure when it comes to medical ninjutsu, it is no surprise that Sakura is excellent at studying poisons. After Sasori poisoned Kankuro and left him to die, Sakura was able to study the poison and remove all of it from his body in a very short amount of time. What’s more, she was also able to develop an antidote for the poison with the little time she had. It goes without saying that Sakura’s skill in this art is unmatched.

7 She Can Use High-Level Medical Ninjutsu

By the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sakura had reached incredible heights as a medical ninja, having saved hundreds of lives during the whole battle. Without her expertise in this art, countless lives would’ve been lost.

Although Ino can use medical ninjutsu to an extent, it’s not nearly as advanced as Sakura’s, which is what separates them in terms of skill. The latter has saved people on the brink of death with her skills, which Ino would struggle to do at her skill level.

6 Her Charka Control Is Extremely Refined

When it comes to chakra control, Sakura Haruno was likely the best in her entire generation. As an adult, Sakura is incredibly efficient in her usage of chakra as her abilities have certainly peaked. As a medical ninja, Sakura has refined her chakra further to a point where she can make careful incisions in a patient’s body. Her chakra control helps her not only in the medical field but also on the battlefield, something which very few other shinobi can take advantage of.

5 She Can Use Chakra-Enhanced Strength

One of Sakura’s biggest assets as a ninja is her monstrous strength. She acquired this skill by training under Tsunade for over two years. By storing her chakra in her fists and expelling it all when making contact with the target, Sakura can defeat nearly anyone in just a single punch. Even the likes of Naruto Uzumaki are fearful of this ability of hers. Sakura’s skill with this ability is comparable to that of Tsunade Senju, the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure.

4 She Can Slowly Store Chakra At One Point

Another incredible feat of Sakura’s magnificent chakra control is her ability to store chakra at one point on her forehead. Being a student of Tsunade, Sakura learned how to achieve the Byakugou by slowly storing small portions of chakra and then releasing it all at once.

This feat is incredibly hard to achieve as it requires a person to constantly keep storing chakra. Sakura achieved this feat in three years and gained what Tsunade calls the pinnacle of chakra control.

3 She Can Use The Creation Rebirth Jutsu, Just Like Tsunade

Having acquired the Byakugou, Sakura gained the ability to tap into the true power of a medical ninja, Creation Rebirth. Invented by Tsunade, Creation Rebirth makes the user release a large amount of chakra at once, allowing them to increase the rate of cell division drastically. Once used, this technique lets the user survive nearly any injury and heal back to normal within an instant. Sakura could survive a stab from Six Paths Madara Uchiha quite easily when making use of this ability.

2 She Can Summon Katsuyu From The Shikkotsu Forest

Being a medical ninja as great as Tsunade, Sakura can summon Katsuyu from the Shikkotsu Forest. Katsuyu provides great assistance in battle as she’s quite skilled with the usage of corrosive acids. What’s more, she can help Sakura with her healing powers and those around her, making her an immense addition to Sakura’s already wonderful arsenal of techniques.

1 She Has High Resistance To Genjutsu

Thanks to her immense chakra control and skill as a medical ninja, Sakura has gained the ability to resist most genjutsu. Her talent in this field was noted by Kakashi Hatake quite early on in the story. By the time of The Last: Naruto the Movie, Sakura is strong enough to resist even a high-level genjutsu which was powerful enough to trap Naruto Uzumaki, a perfect jinchuriki, for days. Undoubtedly, Sakura’s arsenal of techniques as a kunoichi is much more diverse than that of Ino Yamanaka.

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