September 21, 2021

Naruto: 10 Things Ino Can Do That Sakura Can’t

The Naruto universe is packed with colorful and unforgettable characters, and in the Hidden Leaf Village, many of these characters are good friends, such as the members of the famed Konoha 11. Naruto Uzumaki is part of this group, along with the talented Neji Hyuga and the kunoichi Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno.

Sakura and Ino are both talented and smart kunoichi, and they have known each other since their earliest days at the Academy. However, they have very different talents and interests, aside from a mutual crush on Sasuke Uchiha in the series’ early days. Ino Yamanaka may be a side character, but she knows her stuff, and she can do many things that her friend Sakura cannot.

10 Ino Can Run A Florist Shop

Ino Yamanaka has always loved flowers, and this ties directly into her family’s trade. Flowers can be good for business, and as a young girl, Ino helped her family run a flower shop right there in the Leaf Village. No doubt they got a lot of business during this universe’s equivalents to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Later on, Ino worked at the flower shop as a regular employee, and she has a real flair for business. Perhaps Sakura might stop by to buy some lovely bouquets, but she couldn’t easily take Ino’s place at the shop.

9 Ino Can Use Flowers As Ninja Tools

Not only can Ino identify and sell flowers, but she can also make practical use of these plants, if it comes to that. Not all ninja tools are made of metal or look scary; a crafty kunoichi such as Ino can identify flowers and use them to dispatch her targets with ease.

Ino has studied flowers of all sorts, and she knows which ones can poison a target or at least knock them out, making a covert ninja mission that much easier. Ino used to share floral trivia with Sakura in their youth, and Sakura was impressed that Ino knew so much.

8 Ino Can Assert Herself More Easily

This particular difference between Ino and Sakura faded away over time, but early in the story of Naruto, Sakura was only assertive when it came to her huge crush on Sasuke or her annoyance with Naruto Uzumaki. Aside from that, she wasn’t terribly confident and tried not to draw attention to herself.

By contrast, Ino Yamanaka was always confident and assertive, and while she’s not the strongest Leaf ninja, she was braver than Sakura, and had boldness that impressed all her enemies. This was clear during their fight with the sound genin, partway through the chunin exams.

7 Ino Can Perform The Mind Transfer Jutsu

This is one of the most obvious and important differences between what Ino can do and what Sakura can do. While the mind transfer jutsu is not a true kekkei genkai ability, it is a well-kept secret of the Yamanaka ninja clan, and no outsider is permitted to train in its use.

Ino can perform this jutsu perfectly, and during the chunin exams, she used it at least twice, including one usage on Sakura herself. Ino was even clever enough to scatter her hair and channel her chakra through it so her jutsu could more easily reach Sakura.

6 Ino Can Perform Sensory Jutsu

Ino is highly talented when it comes to genjutsu and sensory jutsu, and her mind transfer technique is just the start. During the events of Naruto Shippuden, a chunin Ino lent her services to the shinobi alliance in another capacity.

Ino can sense minute changes in other people’s chakra, even from a distance, and transfer information to her allies to keep them updated on the enemy’s status. Wars are not won with brute strength; they are won with accurate and timely intel, which Ino can deliver.

5 Ino Can Probe People’s Minds

When Ino was older, she trained to use the psycho mind transmission jutsu, which is nothing short of psychic powers and mind-reading. This is a vastly useful skill for obtaining intel, and it almost entirely bypasses the need for interrogation or torture of a captive enemy.

Sakura couldn’t possibly use a jutsu like this, but Ino can do it, and she can even determine whether her target is being controlled or influenced by somebody else. Ino was seen doing this during the events of the Boruto anime.

4 Ino Can Understand Shikamaru’s Mentality

Few people can really understand the eccentric genius Shikamaru Nara – not even Kakashi Hatake or Temari. However, Ino is used to having Shikamaru as a teammate, and she has learned to appreciate what he’s like. It also helps that she received insights from Shikamaru’s best friend, Choji Akimichi.

Through Choji’s explanations and personal observations, Ino has learned how Shikamaru thinks and feels, and this allows her to work seamlessly with him as a teammate. Sakura would be baffled if she had to fight with Shikamaru by her side.

3 Ino Can Take Part In Ino-Shika-Cho

Some teams are more tightly-knit than others, and Team 10, led by Asuma Sarutobi, is a surprisingly cohesive fighting force. These three young ninjas sometimes annoy each other, but when the fighting starts, they can perform the legendary Ino-Shika-Cho formation.

When they do this, Ino and her two allies are more than the sum of their parts, and their parents and children can use this formation as well. Sakura Haruno, however, cannot take part in this formation at all.

2 Ino Can Force Her Enemies To Fight One Another

Ino can perform many tricky genjutsu techniques that are practically unique to her clan, and in the anime, she has yet another nifty jutsu in her arsenal: the mind body disturbance technique. Her father, Inoichi Yamanaka, has also been seen using it.

This jutsu is a variant of the mind transfer jutsu. With this ability, Ino can control her target while keeping her own mind in her body, so there’s no transfer. The affected enemy will start attacking their former allies, and this can turn the tide of any small-scale clash.

1 Ino Can Give Effective Pep Talks

Despite having her bratty side and a somewhat vain attitude at times, Ino is a kind person, and she can’t stand to see a friend or ally suffering. Ino is perfectly capable of giving a pep talk or sharing motivating words with a friend, and it nearly always works. She has serious empathy and a way with words.

During a flashback, a young Ino consoled her friend Sakura about the latter’s numerous insecurities, and Sakura was cheered right up. Ino compared her to a flower bud: something that is unremarkable at first, but capable of blossoming into something wonderful when the time is right. This had a huge impact on Sakura.

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