September 22, 2021

Fortnite’s Next Season May Include Naruto, Explosive Kunai

Fortnite may be adding Naruto and an explosive kunai weapon to the battle royale’s next season, according to leaks.

The potential information comes from a larger leak posted to subreddit r/FortniteLeaks by moderator u/SmugMrMime. The moderator in question mentions believing the leaker “100%,” as they have been correct “multiple times and to such detail that they couldn’t just be guessing.” To eliminate skepticism, u/SmugMrMime posted a previous accurate leak regarding Fortnite‘s Primal season. Part of the leak suggests that Epic Games is looking to collaborate with Naruto in order to introduce the character to the game as a Battlepass skin, as well as bring “explosive kunai weapons” to Season 8.

This isn’t the first mention of a potential Naruto collaboration. In early July, Fortnite leaker and dataminer Twea stated that a trusted img said Epic Games was working with Shueisha in order to produce “a few anime collabs.” Shueisha is the publishing company behind Shonen Jump and has partial rights to many popular anime series including Naruto and Dragon Ball. While the potential crossover has been suggested by two imgs now, it’s still important to approach leaks with caution as development can change at any moment.

In addition to the leak regarding the potential Naruto collaboration, the leaker noted an in-game Ariana Grande concert (which has already been tested by Epic Games developers) as well as the addition of more Justice League and Suicide Squad skins. Several upcoming narrative and mechanical additions were also specified, including the Cube returning at the end of the current season controlled by an unknown Queen character, Season 8 introducing something called “The Sideways,” rideable monsters and mechs coming to the island and Chapter 3 redesigning the map completely and revealing the location of The Seven.

According to the original post, the leaker is “constantly” giving the moderator team new insights into Fortnite‘s future. u/SmugMrMime states that the information listed on the Reddit post is everything the leaker knows at the time of writing. Leaks are common in Fortnite, as dataminers are frequently able to procure information about upcoming content. Previously, two well-known dataminers discovered the existence of a LeBron James skin. The basketball icon ultimately saw his Fortnite announcement on July 12, coinciding with the Los Angeles release of Space Jam: A New Legacy, in which James stars.

If you’re interested in checking out some of these potential skins, you can download Fortnite for free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile.

Source: Reddit

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