September 21, 2021

Boruto: Konoha 11’s Children, Ranked By Likelihood To Succeed

The Konoha 11 refers to the shinobi who make up Team 7, Team 8, Team 10 and Team Guy. Throughout the original Naruto series, the Konoha 11 were all very skilled shinobi who were chosen to take up specific missions, led by Shikamaru.

All exceptional young shinobi themselves, it’s no surprise that the Konoha 11’s children are also an outstanding group. Like their parents, the next generation of the Konoha 11 all have their own goals and aspirations, and they’re likely to succeed in achieving their dreams — if they put in the work.

8 Himawari Uzumaki Just Needs To Pick A Direction

Being an Uzumaki and a Byakugan user alone guarantees that Himawari is destined to succeed. However, Himawari is still very young and has a lot of growing to do, not to mention she needs a specific goal in mind to drive her forward.

As of now, Himawari is trying different things to figure out what she wants to do. Once Himawari discovers what she’s passionate about, she will definitely succeed. She has a very supportive and powerful family behind her, too.

7 Inojin Yamanaka Should Stop Worrying About What His Parents Think

Inojin is the son of Ino and Sai. Like his father, Inojin prefers using his art-based ninjutsu as opposed to his mother’s sensory abilities. However, Inojin often worries what his mother thinks of this decision.

Ino is the leader of the Yamanaka Clan and obviously would love her son to carry on her family’s abilities, but she also just wants her son to be happy. While it’s beneficial for Inojin to learn both his parents’ jutsu techniques, he also needs to be confident in his own decisions. Once he stops worrying about what others think, he will likely succeed.

6 Chocho Akimichi Needs To Focus Less On Boys

In her battle against Shinki, Chocho proved she could hold her own against a seemingly-stronger opponent. Even though she hates using her Human Boulder form, she demonstrates that she can use it, to the surprise of her parents.

Even though Chocho is among the most confident of this new generation, she still worries about what boys think of her. If she focused that confidence on her abilities and her training, there’s no doubt that Chocho could succeed. After all, she’s already proven that she can master the Akimichi techniques at a young age.

5 Metal Lee Needs To Keep Working On His Anxiety

Metal Lee can succeed on sheer will alone if he puts his mind to it. His father is, after all, Rock Lee who trained under Guy sensei. Rock Lee and Guy are very intense people and possess an unwavering drive to better themselves.

Metal Lee has no doubt been influenced by his father and his mentor Guy, and has already proven himself to be very skilled and talented. Once he gets over his performance anxiety, or finds a way to work through his anxiety consistently, he can go as far as he dreams.

4 Shikadai Nara Has His Dad’s Smarts

Although Shikadai inherited his father’s lax attitude, he also has his mother Temari pushing him along. His parents already greatly trust in him and his abilities, enough so that Shikamaru allowed him to make his own decisions and plans when it came to the Mitsuki mission.

Like his father, Shikadai is a very intelligent shinobi. He’s also very talented in jutsu, having mastered the Nara Clan’s secret techniques. He is considered a prodigy of his generation and as long as he keeps progressing and moving forward, he has all the tools to succeed.

3 Kawaki Is Learning From His New Family

Kawaki may not be Naruto’s biological son, but he’s under Naruto’s care and is in essence his adopted son. Naruto is also the only positive father figure Kawaki has ever had in his life, and he respects the Seventh Hokage a great deal.

Kawaki is already a very powerful individual, possessing the karma mark and its power.  Under Naruto, he’s also learning about chakra and what it means to work with others. Kawaki also hates Jigen, and as fans have seen with Sasuke, hate can be a very powerful driving force. With his power, his willingness to learn and cooperate, and his hate driving him, Kawaki is poised to become an unstoppable force.

2 Boruto Uzumaki Has His Own Ninja Way

Though Boruto spent a while trying not to emulate his father, he has grown to appreciate Naruto’s role in protecting the village. With a father so greatly admired, Boruto has a lot to live up to. That fact does not deter him, though.

Boruto strives to be better than his father. He has no ambition to become Hokage, but he does want to protect his friends, family, and the village in his own way. As long as Boruto has a goal in mind and sticks with his own ninja way, he can succeed at whatever he sets his mind to.

1 Sarada Uchiha Needs To Keep Working Toward Her Goal

Being an Uchiha and possessing the Sharingan, Sarada is already in a pretty good position to become a powerful young kunoichi. On top of that, Sarada has a lofty goal in mind driving her forward.

Sarada dreams of becoming the Hokage one day, and all of her actions push her toward her goal. She admires Lord Seventh and has shown that she’s willing to train harder and push herself. This drive and determination will aid her, and perhaps one day she will become the Eighth Hokage — and the first Uchiha to hold the title.

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