September 22, 2021

Boruto: 5 Ways Konohamaru Failed As A Teacher (& 5 He Succeeded)

In Boruto, Konohamaru got slotted into the Kakashi role for the series as the mentor of the new Team 7. It’s a fitting role for him, considering how much the character slowly progressed in the original series. It’s nice to see him put his goofball tendencies behind him and get more serious, much like his idol Naruto did.

While Konohamaru is no Kakashi in terms of power or character, he’s done an admirable job as the sensei to Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t failed as a mentor on a few occasions. He’s a character who feels a little too weak power-wise to occupy the role of team leader, and it shows at times.

10 FAILED: He Was Eliminated During The Genin Exams By Denki Of All People

On one hand, the students managing to eliminate Konohamaru with teamwork showed what they’d need to defeat the proctors. Denki could have gotten a confidence boost from being the one who eliminated Konohamaru as well. On the other hand, the proctors don’t come off particularly strong when they lose, especially considering Konohamaru willingly walked into a trap to give the kids the upper hand. It felt like he was going too easy on them in comparison to Kakashi.

9 SUCCEEDED: The Bond He Formed With Boruto Was Brotherly Rather Than Formal

Many shinobi teachers will develop a deep bond with their students that goes beyond the classroom and training. Students must be willing to trust their teachers with their insecurities and issues, or they will only get the surface-level knowledge of what it means to be a ninja. Konohamaru managed to quickly form a brotherly relationship with Boruto, able to scold Boruto but also be there for the boy when the young Uzumaki needed it.

8 FAILED: He Was Irresponsible In Showing Off The Kote When He Accidentally Destroyed A Farm With It

Technology plays a large role in Boruto, from its use with the villainous Kara to how Konoha utilizes it through Kote. Kote helped augment a user’s power, giving them access to abilities they couldn’t otherwise pull off. It’s notably used by Boruto during the Chunin Exams when he tries to cheat to win.

Boruto unfortunately learned of its capabilities thanks to Konohamaru, who used it to help subdue a bear of all things. When showing the Kote off fully, Konohamaru showed how irresponsible he could be by accidentally destroying a farm.

7 SUCCEEDED: He Let Sarada & Boruto Work Out Their Differences Rather Than Forcing Them To Work Together

When Sarada and Boruto were first assigned to a team together, they weren’t all that pleased. Sarada wanted nothing to do with Boruto, seeing him as a burden who would hold the team back. In this situation, Konohamaru easily could have told her that the team was final, forcing them to work it out with one another. Instead, he gave them the option to visit Naruto to make an appeal. As it turned out, this decision helped the two genin work their situation out on their own.

6 FAILED: His Failure To Let Go Of The Past Transferred To His Students

Considering everything Orochimaru had done to his family, it’s understandable that Konohamaru wouldn’t ever trust the man. After all, many of Orochimaru’s worst crimes were waved away too easily by Naruto. That said, that failure to let go of the past was something he shouldn’t have let his students see. It showed them that harboring grudges was okay, and it was part of why they all ended up taking their defeat at the hands of Deepa so hard.

5 SUCCEEDED: His Willingness To Trade Over The Bridge Deed To Save Kiri Showed Human Life Is More Important Than The Mission

During the Genin Mission Arc, Konohamaru taught the kids a valuable lesson. No matter what the mission is, nothing is more valuable than human life.

In the old days, Konohamaru handing over the deed to the bridge to save Kiri would be seen as a weakness. However, in the new era, it’s a sign of compassion that Naruto’s entire reign is centered around. It was a perfect teaching moment that didn’t require him to lecture them.

4 FAILED: He Didn’t Instill The Best Work Ethic Into Boruto

Boruto’s work ethic has been awful for a large chunk of the series, and a lot of that falls on Konohamaru. While he is a great teacher, he fails at trying to get Boruto to use his time wisely. On one occasion, he’s even lecturing the boy about it but quickly gets sidetracked to rush off to save Remon from attackers. While that can be excused, his decision to prioritize showing Remon around the village showed the bad habits he was instilling into his student.

3 SUCCEEDED: He Knew How To Assess Risks & Kept His Team Out Of Unnecessary Danger

One of Konohamaru’s best traits as a teacher was keeping his students safe. On numerous occasions, he did everything he could to keep them from harm. Sometimes that’d be trying to fight off a powerful bad guy by himself or moving to investigate an area alone, so he didn’t have to worry about them. He did it in a way that still showed he trusted his team, such as when he sent them to protect Kiri while he dealt with one of the bandits or how they dealt with White Zetsu.

2 FAILED: He Praised His Students Too Much For Going Against His Orders & Undermined His Own Authority

The one thing Konohamaru was awful at was being a disciplinarian. He was willing to do it on occasion, but anytime he did, it felt hollow due to how often he let his students walk all over him. They ran off on their own numerous times in the anime, and each time, he’d mention that he was proud of them before giving them their punishment. While their decisions to save people showed that Konohamaru taught them the importance of compassion, their lack of desire to tell him anything showed the lack of control he had.

1 SUCCEEDED: His Selfless Nature Rubbed Off On Each Of His Students

The best facet of Konohamaru’s personality is how selfless he is. He doesn’t put himself above anyone else and would gladly trade his life if it means keeping someone close to him safe. He displays it on every mission he takes part in, showing his students firsthand how they are meant to act. His students took to it, something the Mitsuki Disappearance Arc went into great detail over. It showed how willing Sarada and Boruto were to risk their spots as ninja if it meant bringing Mitsuki back to the village.

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