September 21, 2021

Boruto: 5 Ways Kawaki Is The Series’ Best Character (& 5 He Is The Worst)

Kawaki was introduced to the fans during the prologue of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Making his proper debut in Chapter 23 of the manga, Kawaki has turned out to be a rather intriguing character with a great deal of depth to him.

Since then, he’s become one of the main characters in the story and has formed quite an incredible relationship with characters like Boruto Uzumaki and even the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. Despite that, however, Kawaki is a divisive character who, although good at heart, has done things that could be considered irredeemable.

10 BEST: He Resembles Naruto Uzumaki Quite A Lot

Kawaki has lived a miserable life growing up, having had to deal with an abusive father and then being sold to Jigen. Under Jigen’s care, he was abused even more and eventually forced to become the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki. His story is remarkably similar to that of Naruto Uzumaki, which is why he is a favorite among the fans. Even Naruto Uzumaki himself has admitted to the fact that Kawaki bears a striking resemblance to his past self, which is why he is always ready to give his life for him.

9 WORST: He Turns On Naruto Uzumaki

Kawaki’s love and admiration for Naruto Uzumaki know no bounds, and the young boy has risked his life on numerous occasions just to save his father figure. Unfortunately, Kawaki’s future is already set in stone as the prologue tells the fans that he will turn on Naruto Uzumaki and either kill him or send him to a different dimension. Inevitably, Kawaki mistreating the man who gave him a better life would upset the fans and make him one of the worst characters in the story.

8 BEST: He Adds Much Needed Depth To The Story

Kawaki is essential to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations because of the depth that his character carries. Unlike him, Boruto Uzumaki is a gifted genius who has barely had to deal with any hardships in all his life. Kawaki, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of him and gives the fans a character they can empathize with. Masashi Kishimoto used Naruto Uzumaki in a similar manner in Naruto, and Kawaki essentially does the same in the Boruto story.

7 WORST: He Destroys Konohagakure In The Future

Kawaki is brought to Konohagakure after being found by Team 7 and thereafter taken care of by Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage himself. He grows up in the village and finally gets a home filled with love and care that he never had in his life.

Yet, for some reason, Kawaki ends up destroying the entirety of Konohagakure in the future. The circumstances behind his actions remain unknown, but he certainly won’t be as loved among the fans once he attacks the village that Naruto spent his life taking care of.

6 BEST: He Is The Rival Of Boruto Uzumaki

Every story needs a character who pushes the protagonist to greater heights, and Naruto Uzumaki’s relationship with Sasuke Uchiha was the epitome of that. Just as Naruto and Sasuke pushed each other to reach the point where they are currently, Kawaki plays the same role for Boruto Uzumaki. The two share an incredible bond and are as close as brothers. Being the catalyst for Boruto’s growth, Kawaki is essential to the story’s plot as a whole.

5 WORST: He Attempts To Kill Boruto Uzumaki

Initially, Kawaki and Boruto weren’t too fond of each other, but their experiences together pushed them incredibly close to a point where Boruto refers to him as a brother. Despite that, Kawaki eventually abandons that bond with Boruto Uzumaki, and in the prologue of the story, he attempts to kill him as well. The inexplicable twist in his personality will certainly make him one of the most hated characters in the Boruto story.

4 BEST: Kawaki Is Driven By Great Motivation

Kawaki is quite a special character who fans can’t help but love, and a big reason for that is the motivation that drives him. Naruto Uzumaki, for example, wanted to bring Sasuke back to the village and earn his acknowledgment.

Similarly, Kawaki’s motivation is to be strong enough to protect the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto nearly died on numerous occasions trying to protect Kawaki from those who would do him harm, and the young boy wants to do everything in his power to return the favor.

3 WORST: Kawaki Is An Extremely Rude Person

Kawaki is known to be quite a rude character who lacks even the most basic manners. He pushes away all those who try to help him and hardly ever thanks those who only want the best for him. Kawaki nearly killed a child for merely bumping into him once, and had Naruto not been there, the child could very well have died. His behavior toward both Sumire and Sarada is nothing short of disrespectful, and this certainly affects his likability among the fans quite a lot.

2 BEST: Kawaki Is A Sincere Character Trying To Be A Better Person

Having suffered so much while growing up, Kawaki is a scarred character who is experiencing the warmth of the world for the first time under Naruto’s care. Despite having suffered a lot of abuse, he tries his best to become a better person, as seen when he breaks Himawari’s vase but attempts to fix it. There is sincerity in Kawaki’s character, which makes the fans love him more with each passing chapter.

1 WORST: Kawaki Craves The Power Of The Karma

Kawaki had been haunted by the Karma for his entire life as this power caused him nothing but pain and misery. After Isshiki reincarnated in the body of Jigen, he was able to get rid of his Karma for good, only to regain it sometime later. Kawaki craves powers and in the future, this will lead him to attain the Karma once again. Even when his intentions are good, he ends up losing his path and becomes a threat to the whole world, as evident from the prologue of the story.

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