September 22, 2021

Boruto: 10 Ways Sarada Is Just Like Sakura

In some ways, the new generation of shinobi in Boruto are carbon copies of their parents. Shikadai Nara is a genius like his father, Boruto is reckless like Naruto, and Metal Lee is just as enthusiastic as Rock Lee. Sarada Uchiha, however, has nearly as much in common with her father as she does her mother. She’s got their stubborn streaks and their tempers. However, she shares enough character traits with Sakura to make fans believe she takes more after her mother.

Sarada spends most of her childhood with only Sakura’s influence since Sasuke spends so much time away from Konohagakure during her formative years. It’s only natural, then, that her mother’s own personality has a lot of influence on how Sarada approaches life as a shinobi in training.

10 Sarada Loves To Learn New Things

Sarada might not be the smartest shinobi of her generation, but she does love to acquire new knowledge, just like her mother did when she was Sarada’s age. Both of them excelled academically, but that’s not all.

Sarada and Sakura don’t necessarily have things come easy to them. They study and they practice until they know exactly what they’re talking about, exactly how to use a skill, and exactly how to teach that skill to someone else. They love to learn about new subjects just as much as they love to share their knowledge with their friends and teammates.

9 Sarada Also Likes To Tell Her Teammates What To Do

It’s pretty clear in the original Naruto series that Sakura’s never really in a leadership position on her team. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t take every opportunity to tell Naruto — and sometimes Sasuke and Sai too — exactly what to do in any given situation. Sakura always thinks she knows best, until she has to defer to someone else for help.

Sarada has that in common with her mother. This tendency likely comes as a result of their mutual love of learning. Because they’re both so studious and observant, they think they know what’s best for their team. While it’s not always true, it doesn’t stop Sakura and Sarada from trying to call the shots.

8 Sarada And Sakura Always Stand Up For Themselves

Some Naruto fans would argue that Sakura spends too much time as a damsel in distress in the original series. That’s largely because she doesn’t have enough experience or power yet. That doesn’t mean Sakura didn’t stand up for herself. Standing up for herself and her team is what tended to put her in those situations in the first place.

Sarada takes after both her mother and her father in this regard. She’s always willing to face an opponent herself and stand tall. The only time she might back down from a fight is if she knows someone else is better suited to it, which isn’t very often.

7 Boruto Annoys Sarada On A Regular Basis

Though it’s clear that Boruto and Sarada grow to care about one another, they also get under each other’s skin very easily. They have very different approaches to being a shinobi, which results in numerous disputes. It’s not unlike the dynamic between their parents when they were teammates.

Though Naruto did have a crush on Sakura, he never seemed to register just how mad he would make her with his antics and his tendency to ignore her advice. Sakura’s annoyance with Naruto often led to anger and violence, however, not just annoyance.

6 Sarada Still Admires Her Teammates

She might get annoyed with Boruto on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean Sarada isn’t also impressed by his skills. In fact, Sarada admires both of her teammates specifically because their skills are so different from her own.

That’s not unlike Sakura on the earlier version of Team 7. Sakura, no matter how mad she got at Naruto, was always amazed by his skill in a fight and his ability to persevere, just as she was with Sasuke.

5 Sarada Has An Affinity For Medical Ninjutsu

Sakura didn’t start her shinobi career interested in medical ninjutsu; it became something of a necessity for her as she grew up in a time of war. When she had the opportunity to study under Lady Tsunade, she took it. Though she had difficulty at first, she proved quite adept at it and became Konoha’s leading medical specialist.

Sarada appears to have started her medical training a little earlier than Sakura. She doesn’t understand medical ninjutsu right away, finding it difficult to use in a classroom setting with her mother watching over her, but she does actually take to it in the outside world. Sakura has actively trained her in a few techniques that allow Sarada to aid those around her, and it shows every time she helps Boruto with an injury on a mission — whether Sarada believes she’s good at it or not.

4 Sakura And Sarada Have Impressive Chakra Control

One of the reasons Naruto and Boruto are able to outlast so many others in a fight is because Uzumakis have naturally large chakra reserves. But for other shinobi, chakra levels that high aren’t a natural occurrence. Sakura learned to control her chakra flow expertly to maximize her usage.

Though Sarada already has the skills that come with being an Uchiha to help her out in a fight, she’s also started developing impressive chakra control. She’s able to channel her chakra in focused ways that her peers aren’t.

3 Sarada Packs A Punch

One of the ways Sarada and Sakura demonstrate their ability to control their chakra is in their ability to throw a punch. Even before Sakura started formally studying chakra control, she could launch Naruto clear across the room with her fist.

Sarada also possesses that level of strength and control. The audience sees her punch her opponent right into a wall during the Chunin Exams.

2 Sarada Easily Makes Friends

Though there is initially tension between Sarada and Boruto, they develop a friendly rapport pretty quickly. Sarada is also quickly accepting of new students like Mitsuki and Sumire, befriending them and teaming up with them. Her ability to charm and make friends, despite her tendency to lecture others, is exactly like her mother.

Though Sakura and Ino hit some bumps in their friendship as teenagers, Sakura was quick to become friends with the other girl as soon as she saw an opening again. Despite all of their bickering, she also calls Naruto one of her best friends. As her team traveled on missions, she was willing to give others the benefit of the doubt, and she earned the unending admiration of Rock Lee.

1 Sarada And Sakura Understand Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha might be the most confounding ninja in Konoha. After betraying the village as a teenager, he returns to help save it, but spends large chunks of time away as an adult, trying to atone for the mistakes of his past. While Sarada doesn’t initially understand her father’s distance, as she learns more about his past, she accepts him just like her mother does.

Sakura and Sarada might be the only people in Konoha close enough to see the softer side of Sasuke. They both understand how important they are to him, despite his long absences from his family.

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