In a poll held on the popular South Korean internet forum, DC Inside, aespa member Karina was selected as the top visual among rookie idols.

aespa Karina Chosen as Top Visual Female Rookie Idol

Up against 54 different female idols from various K-pop groups, aespa member Karina was selected as the top visual among female rookie idols. In a score out of 10, Karina received 8.81.

The female idol has gone viral numerous times for her doll-like visuals and Barbie legs, so it is no surprise she ranked so high!


In terms of the South Korean beauty standard, Karina’s visuals tick nearly all of the boxes. She has big eyes with double eyelids and aegyo-sal. The idol also has an insanely small face with a pretty v-shaped jaw.

Karina also has fair milky skin and plump lips. Among the aespa members, Karina is the tallest, standing at 167cm, which is the ideal height for Korean women.


woo!ah!’s Nana Ranked No. 2 Two among Top Visual Female Rookie Idols

Trailing after Karina is woo!ah!’s Nana! In a score out of 10, Nana received a score of 8.42.

Previously, Nana made headlines for her uncanny resemblance to K-pop’s “original visual,” Red Velvet member Irene, during woo!ah!’s performance on KBS2’s “Music Bank.”


Like Irene, Nanan has big eyes with double eyelids and aegyo-sal. The idol is also blessed with a small nose and a high nose-bridge. Her v-shape jaw also enhances her small face. Nana also has a flawless complexion, plump lips, and a tiny waist!

Her only drawback is her height — she is 163cm tall, which is on the shorter side. However, her extraordinary proportions make her look taller than she is!


These are the TOP 54 Visual Female Rookie Idols, According to DC Inside

  1. aespa’s Karina
  2. woo!ah!’s Nana
  3. aespa’s Winter
  4. woo!ah!’s Wooyeon
  5. Weeekly’s Zoa
  6. Weeekly’s Soojin
  7. STAYC’s J
  8. STAYC’s Yoon
  9. Secret Number’s Soodam
  10. STAYC’s Isa
  11. Weeekly’s Jihan
  12. STAYC’s Seeun
  13. cignature’s Jiwon
  14. Weeekly’s Jaehee
  15. woo!ah’s Minseo
  16. STAYC’s Sumin
  17. woo!ah!’s Sora
  18. cignature’s Chaesol
  19. LUNARSOLAR’s Jian
  20. REDSQUARE’s Green
  21. STAYC’s Sieun
  22. woo!ah!’s Lucy
  23. cignature’s Seline
  24. Maka`Maka’s Chaewon
  25. Weeekly’s Park Soeun
  26. Maka`Maka’s Daseul
  27. REDSQUARE’s Bomin
  28. LUNARSOLAR’s Taeryeong
  29. Weeekly’s Shin Jiyoon
  30. Secret Number’s Jinny
  31. Maka`Maka’s Heesu
  32. Weeekly’s Monday
  33. Maka`Maka’s Dia
  34. Maka`Maka’s EunB
  35. BlingBling’s Marin
  36. aespa’s Giselle
  37. REDSQUARE’s Ari
  38. BlingBling’s Narin
  39. cignature’s Ye Ah
  40. aespa’s Ningning
  41. LUNARSOLAR’s Eseo
  42. REDSQUARE’s ChaeA
  43. BlingBling’s Ayamy
  44. Secret Number’s Lea
  45. LUNASOLAR’s Yuuri
  46. Secret Number’s Dita
  47. BlingBling’s Cha Juhyun
  48. cignature’s Belle
  49. cignature’s Semi
  50. BlingBling’s Choi Jieun
  51. Secret Number’s Denise
  52. REDSQUARE’s Lina
  53. cignature’s Sunn

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