In the latest rankings by Idol Chart, these 17 K-pop stars dominated the list.

Idol Chart released rankings for “Which star fits the term “multi-talented?”, and BTS Jungkook clinched the crown. Other versatile artists, such as IU, Sungwoon, Yoona, and more followed.

The data of the poll was gathered from May 31 to June 6, with 155,880 participants around the globe.

BTS Jungkook Crowned as No. 1 Idol Who Fits the Term “Multi-Talented”

Jungkook, BTS’s maknae on top, was selected as the No. 1 star who fits the term “multi-talented.”

In just a week, 77,721 internet users have chosen the idol, approximately 52 percent of the whole participants.

Indeed, the golden maknae has a lot to offer than just his visuals. Aside from being the main vocalist of BTS, he can also pass as the main dancer with his flawless dancing skills.

Moreover, his solo career is also being anticipated following the success of his previously released solo tracks.

“Euphoria” and “My Time” actually charted on the U.S. Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart for 64 weeks and 67 weeks, respectively, breaking their own record of No. 1, the longest chart of Korean idol solo songs ever.

IU, SNSD Yoona, aespa Winter, Winner Seungyoon, and More: Multi-Talented K-Pop Idols

In the list, IU, who is one of the most respected singers in Korea, ranked No. 4. The “Nation’s Sweetheart” is truly well-loved not only as a singer but as a Korean actress as well.

Some of her notable works include “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” “Mister,” and “Hotel Del Luna.” She is also a reputable host and YouTuber, standing as one of the most followed personal YouTube accounts among K-pop idols.

Meanwhile, Ha Sungwoon, Kim Wooseok (UP10TION), and Kim Sejeong, who both rose as idols from the Produce 101 series, proved their versatility as soloists.

Wooseok and Sejeong also established themselves as rising actors, receiving praise for their acting potential.

Meanwhile, several second-gen K-pop group members also entered the rankings. Highlight Doojoon, WINNER Kang Seungyoon, and Super Junior Kyuhyun are all well-known act-dols (idols who also act). Aside from their successful acting careers, they are also top-tier solo idols.

Girls’ Generation Yoona is truly fitting for the multi-talented description. She is not only a main visual of the “Nation’s Girl Group,” but she is also a great actress!

In fact, Yoona was recently selected for “200 KOFIC The Actor is Present Campaign.” The project gathers the Top 100 actors and actresses that best represent the future of Korean films, domestically and internationally.

Amazingly, aespa Winter is the only rookie K-pop idol on the list. Winter was always praised as an “Ace-material” idol, who can pass as the main dancer, main vocals, main rapper, and main visual of the four-member group.

Moreover, the young idol was also loved for her pleasing and outgoing personality, truly the stan-attractor of the group.

Check out the full rankings below:

  1.  BTS Jungkook
  2.  Yeong Tak
  3.  Ha Sungwoon
  4.  IU
  5.  Hong Jiyoon
  6.  Kim Wooseok
  7.  Kim Sejeong
  8.  Kang Seungyoon
  9.  Highlight Yoon Doojoon
  10.  Girls’ Generation Yoona
  11.  Oh My Girl Seunghee
  12.  Super Junior Kyuhyun
  13.  GOT7 Jinyoung
  14.  SF9 Rowoon
  15.  Heize
  16.  aespa Winter
  17.  Ahn Yujin