September 22, 2021

10 Ways Naruto Saved Sasuke’s Life

Sasuke Uchiha’s journey in Naruto has been quite a complex one full of ups and downs. Having witnessed the massacre of his entire clan, Sasuke found it incredibly difficult to live a normal life, and with time, he became obsessed with vengeance against his brother.

His quest for power led him down the wrong path and the eventual truth about Itachi turned him against the village. Despite everything that Sasuke did, Naruto stood by him at all times and went to great lengths to help him see the light. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto finally succeeded in bringing him back to the village and, in doing so, saved his life in more ways than one.

10 Naruto Helped Him Break Free Of The Curse Of Hatred

Being born as an Uchiha meant Sasuke was destined to be consumed by hatred at some point in his life. What’s more, he was the reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki and would thus inevitably end up either killing Naruto Uzumaki or dying, only to pass on the curse to the next generation. Thanks to Naruto, however, Sasuke managed to get the better of the curse and end the entire cycle with him, becoming the last reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki and avoiding a horrible fate.

9 Naruto Saved Him From Becoming The Worst Villain Of The Story

Both Naruto and Sasuke wanted a better world, but their ways of going about it were starkly different. Whereas Naruto wanted to work together with every village to ensure that peace came to the world, Sasuke wanted to kill all the Kage and the Tailed Beasts and unite the world with fear alone. Thankfully, Sasuke lost to Naruto and decided to follow his path instead of becoming another terror to the world and dying a villain like his brother, Itachi.

8 Naruto Brought Him Back To The Village Like He Promised

Throughout his life, Sasuke had been lied to and manipulated by those around him. At one point, Sasuke felt no emotional connection to Konohagakure due to the cause of his suffering being rooted there. As such, he had no place to belong. After admitting defeat to Naruto, Sasuke finally realized that no matter what, Naruto would always be there for him. Furthermore, Naruto made him realize that the people he grew up with were his family. Had it not been for Naruto, Sasuke would’ve been consumed by loneliness and suffered terribly.

7 Naruto Made Him Follow In Itachi Uchiha’s Footsteps

Itachi Uchiha was a proud shinobi of Konohagakure who would go to any lengths for the sake of the village, as he demonstrated on several occasions in the story.

Surprisingly, Sasuke went against everything that Itachi stood for when he decided to destroy the village itself. Once again, it was thanks to Naruto that he returned to the village and spent the rest of his life trying to protect it. Currently, Sasuke is known to be a shinobi who protects from the shadows, just like his brother.

6 Sasuke Is Respected By Children All Across The Village Because Of Naruto

After returning to the village and dedicating his life to help Naruto bring peace to the world, Sasuke became a loved figure across the world. In Boruto, Sasuke is seen as a legendary figure by many, and children such as Boruto Uzumaki idolize him. His daughter, Sarada Uchiha, often seeks help from him, knowing that he’s one of the greatest shinobi to ever live. Had Naruto not been there for the Uchiha, he would never have gained such respected and would’ve been despised by the entire world, including the generations to come.

5 Sasuke Has Become A Hero Of The World After The War

Although Sasuke planned on becoming a villain and uniting the entire world by fear, Naruto saw to it that he didn’t force himself down the wrong path. Sasuke has, since then, been working relentlessly to help Naruto maintain peace across the world. What’s more, the Five Great Nations have immense respect for him, and all this is due to Naruto Uzumaki showing him the right path and saving his life. Had Sasuke become a villain, there would’ve been nothing but darkness for him in the world.

4 Sasuke Is No Longer Alone Because Of Naruto

Just like Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke has been alone for the majority of his life. Although he had a family to belong to, Itachi saw to it that everyone around him was butchered, leaving him all alone. Realizing that Sasuke was in pain, Naruto always stuck by him and never let him feel alone.

Even though Sasuke left the village and attempted to destroy it, Naruto never stopped being a friend to him and became his only salvation from loneliness. Instead of being alone and bitter, Sasuke leads a much happier life and has a brighter future to look forward to, thanks to Naruto.

3 Sasuke Embraced Konohagakure’s Will Of Fire Thanks To Naruto

At one point in the story, Sasuke’s way of thinking was very different from Naruto’s. While the Uzumaki believed in the Will of Fire and passing on the flame to the next generation, Sasuke followed his own path and wanted to accomplish everything by himself. Thanks to Naruto, however, he now dedicates his life to saving those in need, all the while raising the next generation and protecting them from harm. Had he never changed, Sasuke would’ve ended up just like Madara and inevitably failed.

2 Sasuke Finally Realized The Importance Of Bonds Because Of Naruto

Having lost everyone close to him during his childhood, Sasuke started to hate the idea of making bonds because, according to him, they served as a distraction. In reality, he was afraid of getting close to people due to his experiences in life – but Naruto changed that. By being Sasuke’s friend, Naruto taught him to rely on others and helped to carry his burdens. In Boruto, Sasuke has grown enough to do just that and has created countless special bonds in life.

1 Sasuke Has A Family In Boruto Because Of Naruto

After the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke married Sakura Haruno at some point and together, the two had their daughter, Sarada. Sasuke finally lives a happy life where he’s surrounded by great friends and has a loving wife and child. The pain of losing his family has finally been replaced by the joy of having one to return to and protect, and all that is thanks to Naruto guiding him to the right path. It’s no surprise that Sasuke spends his days doing everything he can to guard Naruto’s back.

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